About Finture

Finture aim to be the largest and finest explorer community in the world. Not just a travel agency, but a provider in every journey with exciting stories, joy and unique experiences. We believe that the real beauty of any country isn't on a must-go list for most tourists, but a place with primitive ecologies. Thus, we gather all the local elites from the outdoor field and take explorers from all over the world to the places which are not easily accessible to feel the amazement.

Our Core Values

Travelled through a lot of countries, ran a circle to find the world's most beautiful scenery, which turned out to be my homeland - Taiwan. A size of the island of 36,000 square kilometers contains 268 alpine mountains higher than 3000 meters, which makes Taiwan one of the islands with highest alpine mountain density. Taiwan is located on the contract belt of the Eurasian continent and the Pacific plate, with frequent crustal movements and orogeny leading to the formation of crushing folds. We can see diverse terrains such as waterfalls, rapids, canyons, dark pools, rivers, and meanderings in river beds. From mountains to valleys, just in our backyard, Taiwan is blissful to be rich in natural wonders. We are deeply convinced that the beauty of the island lies not only in food and architectures, but in cultures and natural sceneries with historical significances. And we present this piece of beautiful island through our outdoor skills to the world, so that the global explorers could know that there is a paradise contains abundant natural magnificence and adventures.

  • Passion - We firmly insist on treating every life and thing with the passion of life, showing the respects with this enthusiasm. So we show our attitude on the work and the demanding requirements of profession, to infect every contact with each traveller.
  • Integrity - We do not care about everything that manifested outside and do accept all the things that are external to us. Things that we care about is the inner value and the integrity of the character. Integrity is the most critical condition for our operation, and also the foundation of every friend’s trust in us who participates in our trip.
  • Creativeness - Only to continue to create new things and experiences, we can continue to exceed the expectations of each customer. With special and delicate planning, we create only stunning journeys.
  • Lead - we believe that even if you can not change the world, to do the right things is always more important than to do the things right. To become a world-class cross international company, we must continue to work on the planning of travel and quality of service to redefined the word of "travel".
  • Fearlessness - we are not afraid to do the right things, even if the majority of people come to a stop. Moreover, we are courageous to dig, to take the risk and to challenge the undiscovered areas and things, introducing the world more beautiful sceneries and experiences.

Why Choose Finture?

Finture aimed to be an adventure travel pioneer, offering the planet's most awe-inspiring selection of affordable small-group tours, safaris and expeditions. Our well-designed trips embrace authentic accommodation, exotic cuisine and local transport to put travellers on a first-name basis with the planet’s people, cultures, landscapes and wildlife.


Head to explore to feel the amazing or just chill out in a cozy room and watch the world go by. We include the must-see highlights on most of our trips, allowing you adjust the time to explore according to your own tastes.

A big part of the experience is our small international groups. It’s these people that make travelling with us rewarding and exciting! On average there are about 6 travellers on one of our trips, depending on the destination—the maximum is usually never more than 13.

From unique home stays and bedandbreakfast to sleeping moored under the stars in a peaceful bay, our options will provide you with the most authentic experience possible and will always reflect the local character and spirit of your adventure.

From volkswagen T5, T6 and mercedes benz to public bus, train, metro and even bicycle, we’re all about variety. Sometimes local transport is the best and most colourful way to go. But, depending on your choice of destination, service level and trip style, we provide alternative ways of getting around, too.

We believe single travellers should enjoy the same advantages as others in their group. We’ll gladly pair you up with a roommate of the same sex or to guide you in your own trip.

We know about murfee law, If you cancel or delay your trip for any reason, your deposit remains valid until you’re ready to go. You can even pass it on to a friend. So don’t worry to make a change.

We don’t believe the great value must come with the great price. Thus, we offering the reasonable price with exceed expectation value to ensure the satisfaction guaranteed to each customer. Because our grassroots approach provides a more affordable way to travel, we’re able to deliver the adventure of a lifetime at a fraction of the cost.

At Finture, we encourage you to step off the beaten path, embrace the unexpected and immerse yourself in the extraordinary. Our well-designed trips embrace authentic accommodation and local transportation to bring you face to face with the world’s most fascinating cultures, customs and awe-inspiring wildlife.

  • 100% Guaranteed Departures (trips to the Taiwan Centuple Mountains are not included due to government’s policies)
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Small International Groups
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Even Only a Single Person
  • Lifetime Deposits
  • Price and Value
  • A Different Way to Travel

Sustainable Tourism

How do you envision our world in 50 years? Our efforts in sustainability as an organization reflect our commitment to the idea that our children and grandchildren will have a wonderful natural environment to explore throughout their lives. Our role as a company is to ensure that we’re giving back more to the communities and the natural surroundings that we help you to visit than what is being taken away in our travels. Preserving cultural heritage and conserving and replenishing the natural environment, while improving the lives of local people, is the essence of our way of travelling and is integrated into every decision and action we take at Finture.